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Seanche’s Lament

Seanche’s Lament

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Seanche’s Lament (shana-khi) is Frog God Games’ offering for St. Patrick’s Day 2021, an adventure based on Irish and Celtic folklore by Ian McGarty. The adventure will be available for three rule systems: 5th Edition D&D, 1st Edition Pathfinder, and Swords & Wizardry.

The Seanche, a legendary bard, has traveled the lands for hundreds of years. It isn’t known if the name is a title that gets passed on or whether the Seanche is a supernatural being, but the Seanche’s arrival is always greeted with joy. Recently, though, his tales have taken a dark turn as a result of a deadly wager lost, and his presence is spreading havoc. Can the characters discover the facts behind the chaos and prevent the rise of the Serpent Priest?

This sandbox-style adventure offers a wide variety of challenges and encounters, against a backdrop of legends, tales, rumors, and fey creatures of (at best) ambiguous morality. From the terrifying cave of the Doirche to the Wizard’s Weal Tavern, the Giant’s Feast, fey courts, and a deadly confrontation in the Hartwood, Seanche’s Lament is a picaresque adventure of epic proportion. Fans of Jack Vance’s Lyonesse series and anyone who enjoys Celtic folklore will find themselves right at home in this environment.

(Note: For 5e, The Seanche’s Lament is a Tier 2 adventure.)

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