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Frog God Games

Rappan Athuk: Lairs of the Under Realms

Rappan Athuk: Lairs of the Under Realms

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Adventurers Beware!

A special presentation from Frog God Games, Lairs of the Under Realms (originally titled, "Rappan Athuk Under Realms: Epic Encounters") delivers lairs and scenarios for monsters sculpted by the talented folks at Next Level Miniatures. These short adventures can be introduced into any campaign and can take place in or around Rappan Athuk, the infamous dungeon of graves.

Among the horrors presented, you’ll find:
• The goblin drider, Krakz, and his subterranean comedy club.
• The lair of the mysterious mercenary known only as the Azure Warrior and the strange alien symbiont that gives him his powers.
• A strange troll obsessed with books in a university library.
• A stronghold swarming with incomprehensible and alien dark stalkers.
• The trap-laden cavern of the mischievous conshee.
• A macabre sculpture gallery created by the evil bone cobbler.
• A ravenous horror that stalks an isolated and cursed town.
• An enigmatic band of steel elves who appeal to the adventurers for help in lifting an ancient curse.
• The hidden lair of a murderous tsathar filth-priest.
• A wrecked ship infested with gelatinous monstrosities whose touch can kill. These creatures and more lurk in the depths of Rappan Athuk or the countryside nearby, and all provide exciting challenges to your players and their bold adventurers. Enjoy these short scenarios along with Next Level’s masterfully crafted miniatures!

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