Bill Webb here. I am one of the principals of Frog God Games. I have been at the center of a controversy stemming from a series of events that took place at Paizo Con nearly two years ago. For the most part, I have declined to take part in the many, often heated, discussions of these events. But given the strong feelings, opinions, and rumors on the internet concerning the events of that day, myself, and my company, there are some things I need to say.

I want to start by taking ownership of my own bad actions. On the day in question, I acted unprofessionally towards a colleague, BJ Hensley. I was overly familiar with Ms. Hensley and acted in a gender dismissive fashion. To be specific, I put my arm around her shoulders and called her “sweetie.” That behavior was and is not appropriate behavior towards a colleague and, unless one is very familiar with someone and has their consent to speak to them in that manner, that kind of conduct is never appropriate.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of it. While we were out for a cigarette, I offered her one by holding my cigarette pack out towards her so that she could take one. As was my habit, I had my room key in the sleeve of the cigarette pack so that I would not lose it.

I now can imagine how that must have looked. I had absolutely no intention of giving the impression that I was propositioning Ms. Hensley. In fact, my wife and kids were present at the con and my wife would have responded very poorly to additional guests in our hotel room. However, that does not excuse my mistake. I can see that my actions with the cigarette pack could be taken as a pass. I am deeply sorry for making BJ uncomfortable.

I have worked hard since this event to correct my behavior and focused on being more professional in my interactions with both con attendees and colleagues. This in no way excuses my prior behavior.

Beyond this, I have been accused of doing several other things that day. I have seen stories on the internet accusing me of assault, getting into a fight, and attempting to drug Ms. Hensley at PaizoCon and acting like a sexual predator and a violent drunk at other cons. I am posting a series of screen shots below which I hope will address these other accusations. None of these things happened at PaizoCon or any other con.

The company decided a while ago that when I’m at a convention now, I am always accompanied by another FGG associate, which is a policy I agree and comply with.

At the end of the day, I accept full responsibility for what happened that day and accept the  consequences. All that I can do is to try to be a better person. What truly has been the worst part of the aftermath of the incident with BJ are the attacks on Frog God Games. I am just one of many people who work for this company. None of the other people at FGG had anything to do with this incident and none of them have ever conducted themselves in such a poor fashion. They are all perfectly decent and respectful people. It saddens me that they have had to pay for my poor actions from years ago by having our projects attacked by third parties. Many of these projects I have nothing to do with, yet my colleagues must continue endure their company being disparaged because of my poor behavior.

I am not asking for anyone’s forgiveness here. I acted like an idiot that day. That is the full truth of the matter. And I am deeply sorry. At this point, all that I can hope for is that with regard to this incident is that people will form their opinions of me and FGG based the truth and my actions, and not on the basis of rumors and fictional accounts created to fit a desired narrative.

Thank you,

Bill Webb