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Waypoints: General Store

Waypoints: General Store

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Welcome traveler, how many days journey remain until you see your destination on the horizon? Adventure is what your players crave. They seek fortune around every corner. Alas, glory is often found in remote locales that require a perilous journey before they can even begin their quest. Expeditions do not happen instantly, and the journey can be an adventure all its own. What will they find? Where will they stay? Where can they get a drink on the way? Frog God Games wants to help make the journey a more engaging aspect of your game with Waypoints: A series of digital releases focused on individual places that range from key locations such as a temple within a city to a secluded inn at the edge of civilization, its lonely hall only nominally a subject to any faraway king. The Waypoints series will highlight a single business, public building, or other more fantastical point of interest and is designed to be a creative interlude for everything from rest to rescue. All the mechanics within the text are general and designed to apply to any popular tabletop roleplaying game system.

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