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Rappan Athuk: Mouth of Doom: First Taste (2018)

Rappan Athuk: Mouth of Doom: First Taste (2018)

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Your first taste is free.

The Mouth of Doom is a subterranean fortification connected to the rest of Rappan Athuk by a miles-long tunnel. This outlying entrance to the main dungeon was built by the priests of Orcus to be used as an escape tunnel, or as a way of sneaking their troops to the surface in case the main entrance was to fall under siege. Because of the great distance between the Mouth of Doom and the central environs of the dungeon’s vast catacombs, this is perhaps the least dangerous region in Rappan Athuk — which isn’t saying much, but at least the chances of survival for a low-level adventuring party are somewhat better here. With a bit of luck, adventurers will figure this out and begin their explorations at the Mouth of Doom, rather than marching directly into the core levels of Rappan Athuk…which represent almost certain death for first or second level characters. If they don’t figure it out, that’s what dice and blank character sheets are for.

Go down the well and give Rappan Athuk a chance and you can join the countless others who for 20 years know that you die in the end!

Everything you need to get a taste of this Necromancer Games Classic is in the PDF. For those who are inclined to use digital elements then the Digital Deluxe Bundle will allow for rapid transition to the digital table OR it can serve as a basis to customize the map to your needs.

NOTE: Deluxe Digital comes with ..
token examples from Rappan Athuk level 1C
The Player's Guide to Rappan Athuk PDF High-resolution player and GM maps
Layered Photoshop PSD file (customize your map in demon prince style) and more!

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