Heresy of Rot


Heresy of Rot, written by Levi Combs and John McGuire, is an adventure for 4-6 5e player characters of 4th-6th level (high Tier 1 or low Tier 2), 4-6 Castles & Crusades player characters of 5th-8th level, or 4-5 OSR player characters of 6th-8th level.

This entry into the unknown brings you a tale of woe from the Wilderland’s frontier! A shadowy cult preys on the folk of the unsuspecting town of Fetterwald, as a supernatural terror stalks the cornfields. And what lies within the lonely grave of Doctor Coffin?! A ruined manse holds a dark secret while a horror beyond imagining wakes in a nightmarish dream world. Will your characters be too late to stop it?