Dwarven Fiasco


Dwarves, secluded behind their walls in Cleft, have survived a plague, even as it devastated the dwarven population of the northern reaches. The few sages not in the temple lost their connection to the powers that helped them create and heal. Guilt drove the dwarven elders to set down their tools, while lassitude set in among the young. The production of weapons and arms in Cleft ceased, though a noisy, steam-belching device made it seem as if the dwarves were still working. Cowed by loss and failure, the sages made no attempt to reclaim their temple complex — but it seems an evil is gaining strength within its depths. Perhaps some brave adventurers can return the backbone to this part of the world.

A location-based adventure for a party of Tier 2 5e characters or 4–6th level OSR characters.