Privacy Policy

Frog God Games respects the privacy of our customers and those who visit our website! Just to let you know how we use your information:

  • We do not save or retain information about your credit card information.
  • We don’t make an effort to collect cookies or personal information that is carried with you when you enter the website, although the software we use to run the website does use and store some of that information, such as your age, whether you have already read a post on the forum, etc.
  • We do maintain mailing lists of all our customers, based on purchases made, but we do not sell this information to other companies.
  • We also maintain subscription lists for our e-zine (and possibly other free resources in the future) and other paid subscribed material such as Cyclopean Deeps. These lists are by request only; we do not automatically add people to these lists unless you authorize us to do so. These authorized lists may from time to time be used for marketing but will not be sold to other companies.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you have a great time here!