The Sea King’s Malice

Perched on his massive throne, the Sea King dreams of his massive jaws bathing in runnels of fresh land-dweller blood. He dreams of the ecstasy of rending air-breather flesh. His hate-filled dreams suffuse him with visions of presiding over a glorious and bloody feast where his despised enemies, those both above and below the waves, drown in a tide of their own blood, torn apart by his fierce warriors. In this sprawling adventure the characters will come face to face with this terrible menace.

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The Adventure

Sea King’s Malice is full color and lavishly illustrated adventure, that takes characters on a sweeping adventure across the ocean, to previously uncharted lands, and finally down under the waves to the very depths of the sea. It is available for Fifth Edition and our own classically inspired Swords & Wizardry rules.



  • Sea King’s Malice Hardcover Adventure for 5th Edition/Swords & Wizardry

  • Rocky Cape: Introductory Module for 1st Level Adventures

  • Ecology of the Sahuagin Supplement Book

  • Art of the Sea King’s Malice

  • Sea King’s Malice: Monster Reference (5th Edition)

  • Additional ocean based adventures including Sinful Whispers, The Black Spot, The Lighthouse of Aman-

  • Exclusive Beadle & Grimm’s Map Vault: Sea King’s Malice – 3 Double-Sided Ship Maps in a luxury case.

Mystery at Ravenrock

(Limited Print Run)

A band of heroes, framed for an attempted assassination, must find clues to prove their innocence.

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