Who We Are

Frog God Games is a top-tier publisher of roleplaying games, adventures, and supplements for both modern and old school game systems. What makes Frog God Games different? Frog God Games is owned and operated by a partnership of creators and associates who all game just like you do — in many playstyles and with many rules systems. Sure, a deep and abiding love for the basic tenets of Original Fantasy Gaming (sometimes referred to as Old School Gaming) inspires everything we do, but we never limit ourselves by that because a key part of gaming at the dawn of our hobby was a spirit of trying every new game that came down the pike. We still work according to that ethos today and even embody it by creating new game systems of our very own. We think you will find our products superior.

Frog God Games Partners

Bill Webb – President & CEO

Bill Webb has over 135 books to his credit — writing, developing, and directing the creation of over 100,000 pages of fantasy RPG material as the creative director and co-owner of Necromancer Games (together with Clark Peterson). Bill’s best-known works include Rappan Athuk, Wilderlands of High Fantasy, Dungeon of Graves, Demons and Devils, The Crucible of Freya, and The Lost City of Barakus (with W.D.B. Kenower).

Bill’s works have won several ENnie Awards, including his pride and joy, the Golden Grognard award in 2007. Bill has worked with many industry giants, including Gary Gygax, Rob Kuntz, David Kenzer, Steve Wieck, Ari Marmell, Robert Schwalb, Steve Chenault, Casey Christofferson, and Pat Lawinger, and of course, his RPG hero, Bob Bledsaw, Sr.

Bill currently lives on his farm in a remote area of Washington state, along with his wife, Krista, and daughter and son. If you visit him there, Bill will put you straight to work in the Frog God Games warehouse packing books, but there will be good food, drinks, and gaming afterward.

SECRET FROG FACT: Bill is a master-level chef who specializes in French cuisine, and his French onion soup alone is widely acclaimed to be better than what can be found in most 5-star restaurants.


Zach Glazar – Chief Operating Officer

Zach Glazar is the Chief Operating Officer at Frog God Games, and he regularly moonlights at almost everyone else’s job, from game design, editing, and marketing to online store management and Kickstarter promotion. Before joining Frog God Games, Zach was the founder and owner of Lesser Gnome, an OSR-focused game company. Two of Lesser Gnome’s releases, Death and Taxes (with Edwin Nagy) and Whisper & Venom (with John Hammerle), were nominated for a total of 4 ENnie awards.

Before making a career out of table-top gaming, Zach worked for the Governor of Arizona and as a high school teacher. He lives in sunny Arizona with his wife Jennifer, where they enjoy fine dining and sharing pictures of the same on social media.

SECRET FROG FACT: As a child in the 70s, Zach was one of several children who swallowed a firing plastic missile from a Battlestar Galactica toy, and became one of the reasons Kenner removed Boba Fett’s jetpack missile.


Edwin Nagy – Senior Project Manager

Ever wonder how things happen behind the scenes at Frog God Games? Edwin works primarily on the 5th Edition side of our publications. Along with checking the rules, Edwin attempts to balance the expectations of 5e gamers with Frog God Games reputation and style. He tries to keep the feel of a 1st or 3rd Edition game while bringing it into the 5th Edition environment. Edwin Nagy takes these herculean tasks and executes them with style and grace.  

Edwin got his start at Frog God Games, with then future Frog God Games executive Zach Glazarby offering some editing advice for Lesser Gnome’s Whisper & Venom boxed set. Zach Glazar saw the talent and skill Edwin offered, and pulled him along for the ride durinhis own transition to Frog God Games soon after Lesser Gnome was purchased by Frog God Games. Edwin, has improved Frog God Games products and management since that acquisition, by offering a focused eye and updated  management practices to the various products and projects that he has been responsible for 

Secret Frog Fact: Edwin has medalled (or perhaps mettled) in all three weapons at Maine Games fencing tournaments. 


Michael Badolato

Michael Badolato started playing D&D in the summer of 1978, and bought and played many of the classics like S1 Tomb of Horrors right off the shelf the week they were released. In 1992 he started buying, selling and trading roleplaying games online using the then-new Prodigy and AOL forums, becoming one of the first online merchants dealing in out-of-print RPGs. Collecting various genres of roleplaying games had been his interest for the last 30 years, and his personal collection eventually filled every closet in his house as well as several storage units. Fourteen years ago he quit his soulless corporate job to focus on exclusively on the online selling of books and games. In 2009 he co-founded the North Texas RPG Con, which just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. This small con brings many of the original names of the hobby to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for gaming and fun every June, and has been called (along with Gamehole Con and Gary Con) one of the essential “trifecta” of old school gaming cons in the USA.

Mike enjoys spending time with his three grandchildren (well indoctrinated in the way of tabletop roleplaying), and his many rescued stray animals (who, unfortunately, have not yet grasped the intricacies of rolling polyhedral dice — yet).

SECRET FROG FACT: In 2003, Mike picked up a copy of El Conquistador #12 (a Chicago-based small-press magazine for Diplomacy players) and discovered a lost Greyhawk adventure called The Expedition Into the Black Reservoir by Gary Gygax. Mike contacted Gary who had forgotten all about the short story, which he had written in 1975 in exchange for a full-page ad in the magazine. The Expedition Into the Black Reservoir is now believed to be the very first Greyhawk-based fiction ever published, and that issue of El Conquistador has since become a collector’s item.


Casey W. Christofferson – Art Consultant

Casey W. Christofferson is an author of fantasy and science fiction Role Playing Game supplements, and short fiction. Casey began his career writing for Necromancer Games in 2002 and has continuously provided content for Frog God Games, Troll Lord Games, Goodman Games, Kenzer & Co., 77 Worlds. Casey has dozens of titles in print or on digital format including Bard’s Gate, Tome of Horrors III, Quests of Doom, The Haunted Highlands RPG setting, a children’s tale called Tinsel the Christmas Elf and many more. Casey has worked alongside the likes of Bill Webb, Clark Peterson, James M. Ward, Matthew Finch, and Stephen Chenault. In 2006 he shared the ENnie for best Adversary/Monster supplement with Scott Greene for Tome of Horrors 3. His most recent projects include the revised and expanded version of City of Brass, contributions to the upcoming Lost Lands Setting, as well as various other adventures for 5th edition and Swords & Wizardry. In 2018 he agreed to sign on with Frog God Games as artistic consultant for the fantasy RPG lines. This may have something to do with the fact that he personally instructed several of the Frog God Games artists such as Artem Shukaev, and Adrian Landeros while they were still in high school!

Casey continues to write and work on his various other passions including leather sculpture, miniature painting, and is teaching himself 3D rendering and printing. Casey is a graphic design and illustration teacher at one of largest public school in the state of Kansas. He is heavily involved in promoting the art and writing of newcomers to the gaming industry.


Ken Spencer- Project Manager
Ken Spencer is an award-winning RPG author, game designer, and all around good guy. He has worked for many companies, including Chaosium, Cubicle 7, Frog God Games, Necromancer Games, and Steve Jackson Games, When not fulfilling his duties as an author for Frog God and Necromancer Games, he runs his own company, Why Not Games, most known for their Retro Sci-fi RPG Rocket Age.




Jeff Harkness – Editor

Jeff Harkness has been writing and editing since he sent in a few monsters to the open call for the Sword & Sorcery Creature Collection II. Since then, he’s written gods and titans for the Scarred Lands, spellbooks for Relics & Rituals, and created an entire dwarven stronghold in Burok Torn: City Under Siege. He co-authored parts of Glades of Death for Necromancer Games and the Splinters of Faith series for Frog God Games with his best friend of 30 years, Gary Schotter. In all, he’s written, edited, or worked on dozens of adventures and sourcebooks.

Jeff lives in Kentucky with his wife, two daughters, and a shih tzu named Gizmo, whose bark is definitely worse than his eight-toothed bite. In his spare time (what little there is of it), Jeff designs the front page for the Louisville Courier-Journal. No matter what anyone says, he’s not consumed with hooking up words and phrases and clauses while singing Conjunction Junction at the drop of a hat.