The Slumbering Tsar Saga 5e conversion wiki

Hi all,

Greg Vaughan has kindly given permission to use the proper names of NPCs and locations from The Slumbering Tsar Saga on a Wiki for the community conversion of Tsar to Fifth edition (with the relevant legal disclaimer of course shown on each page).

I've built a Wiki at and I'm hoping that others interested in playing 5e Slumbering Tsar will help me convert it.

Or if you're not up for converting content but do want to run 5e Tsar then I hope that it can be a useful companion to the hard-back of Pathfinder Tsar PDF.

I've put some effort in creating the infrastructure to make it as easy as possible for people to contribute - there's a handy text template that gets automagically rendered into a nice stat block (see some examples here ). So you don't need to know any HTML or other web programming stuff.

The conversion guide is here - - and will probably further evolve as we learn/

At the moment there isn't enough yet to play even the Camp in 5e, but I'm hoping that the effort put into making it easy for others to contribute combined with the fact that I know that others are already playing Tsar in 5e means that we can get the Camp and Desolation converted faster than people can play through it.

I will continue to add conversions as I get time but there's no way that I'll be able to do this all on my own. So please, if you're already running Tsar in 5e, or if you'd like too. Then convert the bits that you need and together we can hopefully end up with the bits that everybody needs :)



PS Major thanks to Greg Vaughan for allowing us to use his intellectual property for this specific case. While we could make a companion conversion site without that, it'd be 100 times more confusing and awkward to use!

PS #2 Also thanks to Shadow Demon for the huge amount of 5e conversion feedback given (to me and others) on these forums.




Hi there!

That is an awesome idea. 

I'd like to help along. It's going to be tough for me (two jobs, two kids and not the most talented with wiki-things of persons) but I guess any help is going to be apreciated. Right now I'm re-reading the desolation part in the PF version. I'm going to give the wiki a thorough read and then start working...





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I hadn't even noticed this. Great idea, Quozl - are you still actively working on it? I've used pieces parts of Tsar in a 5e campaign already but I did the conversions on the fly. I'll dig up the notes I did have for some of it and see if it fits in.

Hi Zhern. I wasn't able to get any traction from the community on this. I built the Wiki and the tools (like stat block templates) and converted a couple of sample areas, but it's way too much to do on my own.

The site is there and I'd love to see more of it converted.