Northlands Saga

I was going/skimming through as many “Player’s Books” as possible in order to improve my feel of LL before my first game this weekend.Ii’ve noticed that many times they PF supplied characters feel more developed. That’s fine to a degree as PF is so rules heavy vs DM/Player-heavy ;) The little S&W stat block does make S&W seem more of an afterthought, however. Since PF has more options available, it is unfortunate, but unavoidable if you feel you need to stick to RAW that sample characters like the PF Dwarf Ranger must be changed into a Dwarf Thief. Maybe it is only me, but I would have felt less overlooked if you had gone like Dwarf Fighter and Human Ranger so it could be converted one to one.

The other problem is since we only get a single book for PF and S&W, whole sections which are not listed as PF-only, clearly are. Early in the book there is mention of using {} to indicate SW conversions no, but in that whole sections there was nothing. Perhaps writing these as “background/history” section and other “common” at start then you can add a PF-only goodies for the last 70% ;) of the book so those wanting to play the module as S&W or AD&D are less disappointed with the lack of conversions or suggestions on how to flavor existing classes for Northlands. We would see the PF Gate, and stop there instead.

I really did like the flavor idea you did with these Races, classes and trainers and feats etc for PF. I am just not very skilled in translating these things. I wish I did, but I depend on source books and modules ;). I do NOT want new classes specifically, but “mods” to existing classes where possible first. Like things that make a fighter instead a berserker. Skald is rougher when the system doesn’t have a bard and may, if to be done fully, require a bard or skald class for the region to be added. Dunno.