The Fillers- for Bard's Gate (hopefully helpful GM's tools)


On pg. 285 of Bard's Gate, (ED8 the River Gate) it states that the guards would explain to travelers entering the city the laws of the city. What exactly would the guards discuss with first time travelers to The City of the Lyre?

Here it is! I hope this helps!

Bard's Gate Laws:

Armor- Forbidden


Heavy-                Medium-

Splint                  Hide

Banded Mail      Scale Mail

Half-Plate           Chainmail

Full Plate           Breastplate


Weapons- Forbidden


Only light weapons (daggers, light maces, sickles, short swords, throwing axes, light hammers, handaxes, light picks) longswords, rapiers or whips may be carried openly, and these must be sheathed.


Projectile weapons of any kind are forbidden (ie-darts, throwing daggers, bows, blowguns, spears, slings, javelins, bolas and firearms; why aren't handaxes forbidden? Its nuance baby, nuance).














All of the above crimes are forbidden and punishment will be meted out depending on the nature and severity of the crime


If PCs have further inquiries regarding crime and punishment in Bard's Gate, the guard(s) will direct them to The Assembly of the Spoken Word in the Keep Quarter.

(Directons from River Gate- take Imrie Road til you reach a circle, take the leftmost road, going north, running parallel with Stoneheart River (Dockside), you will cross 2 bridges, upon crossing the second bridge you will be on Landwehr Lane, follow the road all the way to the Circle of Gargoyles and proceed west across the Lyre Bridge into Central Island where you will find yourself in a large circle, proceed southwest down New Gods Avenue and the Assembly will be on your left, a big edifice made of granite with a sign overhead of a man wearing purple robes)





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