FGG - What's in the Works? (Upcoming Products)

Is there a general release schedule for FGGs upcoming projects for 2016, 2017, and perhaps beyond?  What adventuring goodness can we look forward to?  I noticed in the .pdf for the New & Expanded Bard's Gate, there are a fair amount of books mentioned like:

> Book of Alchemy
> The Tome of Blighted Horrors
> Lost Lands Campaign Setting
> The Blight
> Quests of Doom 4
> Mountains of Madness
> Marshes of Malice

> Swords & Wizardry (3rd ed./printing) - Currently in Kickstarter. January 2017
> Slumbering Tsar (for S&W)? - Maybe

Just by being a part of some of the past Kickstarters, I know what some of these are, but not all.  Anybody in the know care to describe these projects, projected release dates, and perhaps any other projects not yet mentioned here?

Is there any chance of getting a dedicated, S&W version of the Book of Lost Spells?  That's a damn cool book for 5E that deserves an expanded audience for us S&W fans!



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Several of the newer books also show a conversion of Tsar to S&W (oh please, oh please!)  :)

I know Mr. Knauss said that Mountains of Madness and Marshes of Malice are going to be kickstarted at some point towards the end of 2016 in another threat, and that those are in a similar vein to Deserts of Desolation and such. I'm looking forward to Mountains of Madness because supposedly the dwarven citadels and Erod Flan and Tyr Whin are going to be in there somewhere. I also hope for more details on the history of the dwarves, which I feel is a pretty glaring omission so far.

I mean, what in the world was the Great Betrayal?

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Richard - I was digging into the timelines in Bard's Gate and the Border Kingdoms (I think it was), and I came up with the following:

The humans switched sides at the Battle of Hummaedon and screwed the dwarves, siding with the elves.

The Great Betrayal and a bunch of other stuff will be spelled out in the Campaign Guide, which I think is going to be a treasure trove of Lost Lands history and legends. Likely the best product ever from Necromancer/Frog God yet.

Exactly.  The Stoneheart dwarves with the exception of the band that barricaded itself in near Bard's Gate are pretty peeved and I think the siding with the elves is a pretty reasonable leap of faith.  The clans from the Forlorn Mountains weren't involved so they are still on good terms with the humans around them. 

The betrayal was with specific clans, not the entire race.

I'll need to expand my Player's Guide again...my game will begin long before the Campaign Setting comes out.

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A conversion of Slumbering Tsar would get my hard earned dollars for sure!


I don't see that coming for a good long while...they need to tie everything together before they tackle such a huge undertaking, since they'll be wanting to include color art, which means a 900+ page book is going to need all new art. Definite issue.

Me, personally, for the campaign setting, I'd love just a sidebar box that goes, "Here's a list of all the Necromancer Games adventures and where they all take place in relation to everything else." I want to know which ones I should get for my Sword of Air + Stoneheart Valley campaign, as they'll all be in the same area (other than Shades of Grey, which is too long to include in an already exceedingly long campaign, so I've not bothered to buy it even though I really want it).

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Having a sidebar that shows where the different modules and supplements fit is a great idea. 

I've been working on a spreadsheet of this actually. I'll share my progress tonight when I get home.

EDIT: Home now; here it is. Keep in mind that it's very much a WIP:


There's also all the old Necromancer Games adventures; to add to your list, I know that Shades of Grey takes place in the western part of the Gulf of Akados, from Freegate west throughout the Plains of Mayfurrow.

In addition, The Grey Citadel and The Eamonvale Incursion take place also on that same Akados Region Map, northwest of Bard's Gate. There's a lot of unspecified terrain between Bard's Gate and Eamonvale, though.

You're definitely right and that's because I don't own anything non-S&W so I would need others to provide me that info. I think I've entered about everything I own in there (listed that is--not with all the columns filled) right now.

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This is great, Drudenhaus! I can provide some of the info for the old Necromancer Games adventures. I have quite a few of them - The Grey Citadel, What Evil Lurks, The Hall of the Rainbow Mage, Chaos Rising, Lamentation of Thieves, Trouble at Durbenford, Raise the Dead, etc. I might have duplicated some on your list that have been redone and I'm sure I am missing a few from my collection.

If anyone can fill in the old NG modules I might have missed I can look through my boxes and see if I have them.


That'd be great! I can also send you an invite to edit if you'd like. You should be able to my name up top when viewing the sheet. My email is in the format of firstname.lastname@gmail.com Send me an email and I'll add you to the edit list.

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I can hit request edit access via the drop down - it should send you an email from me that way. It will be from Patrick..@gmail.com.


I'll try to add as much as I can this weekend and over the next few weeks.

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I haven't had a chance to add anything yet from the older NG modules, but hope to be able to do some of that in the next few weeks.  Between work and grad school, I have barely had time to breathe lately.

No rush. I haven't had much time to work on it lately either. I did just get the Razor Coast books today though so I'll have to add those to the list.

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I would give a lot of money for even the roughest of maps with a key showing where adventures are.

Yeah, that'd be something I'd have to get...

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Same here. I might even give up a kidney for that.

My spreadsheet includes a column with the approximate hex location related to the module. Still very WIP though as only a few have this info. It should be trivial to mark up the existing maps once this data is entered for the other modules. This was actually one of the reasons I wanted to do this in the first place.

Crap, it looks like all region maps have unnumbered axes except Borderland Provinces (which was the only one I had looked at until tonight).

Also waiting for a 5e version of Tsar and other past awesome books with gold pieces in hand!

As far as the map key I'll give you Zherns remaining Kidney!


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Sure! Hey...wait a minute...

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Thanks for the excellent work and sharing it.

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I saw something today about a Kickstarter launching for the 3rd printing of S&W.  It was on the internet so it must be true (actually, it was from a reliable source). 

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Bill and Matt talked about that in an interview they did a couple months ago. It's definitely a real thing. I don't want to steal the thunder of the announcement, so I won't say any more about it.

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@Upabob - Yeah, I read quite a bit by those working on it and don't want to say more either. I will say I think it will be a big hit, though. :)

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I received an email from FGG today, about the 3rd printing of Swords & Wizardry on Kickstarter.

I've already picked up a copy of the 2nd edition, both to support FGG and to see how far S&W differs from Pathfinder, so am not very interested in a new printing of the same edition.

I did share it to both my Facebook and Twitter followers of course.


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The new printing of the Complete Rules does have two new adventures with it though...


The stretch goals aren't up, but since it funded in less than one day, it might be worthwhile to back for the those...