Welcome to FGG Organized Play! In these days of evolving technology and social distancing, the nature of TTRPGs and their future are changing. Options for play are expanding and Frog God Games is expanding with them. No longer confined to the literal Table, roleplaying games are now possible remotely through mediums such as Discord and Zoom, and virtually through platforms such as Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds. These are just a few noteworthy examples.
Organized Play is a way to utilize and capitalize upon the New World of playing options and bring the Frog God Games community together to enjoy and celebrate the hobby we all love. Centrally located at the hub of FGG Discord, we’re gathering GMs to host and run games online for those fans of FGG products, old and new!
Here are a few exciting features:
  • 1. FGG exclusivity — play in the vast catalog of FGG material. Adventures Worth Winning!
  • 2. Play with GMs and other players from across the country, and even across the world.
  • 3. All supported game systems will be represented. Play games with S&W, 5e, or PF1. Pick your favorite, or try them all.
  • 4. GMs will feature a variety of online platforms. Try one you’ve never used or locate your comfort zone.
  • 5. Keep your characters and track your progress;  including experience, gear and wealth. Progress carries over between sessions and between GMs in campaign style play.
  • 6. Flexible — play when it’s convenient in different games, in different systems, with different GMs.
  • 7. Enjoy special Perks provided by FGG for recurring participation.
  • FGG Organized Play is completely FREE, and only requires simple registration on Discord. Registration begins July 4th and game scheduling has begun!
  •   If you’re a virtual veteran, new to online play, or new to RPGs entirely — every fan of FGG is welcome to join the community and start playing!

For in Depth Video Click Here