Drive true RPG

I just bought a book through Drivetru rpg and I wondered why Frog God Games doesn't give us the opportunity to buy the physical books there? I think it would make shipping, to europe for example, cheaper.


The only reason I can come up with, is because they can't garanty the production being as good as when they do it themselfs.


Somebody got some insight in this?

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I believe your interpretation of the reason is correct. Drivethrurpg's Print-on-demand does not use library binding  and most of the time the covers are softcover.  FGG wants their books to last forever.

If I am wrong hopefully someone will correct me.

The Noble Herald Frog

This is correct they cannot guaruntee the quality and they have some fairly tough restrictions on doing this for some books and not others. We offer older books as Print on Demand done in a similiar way. More importantly we are actively seeking a european partner for distribution (especially for Kickstarter rewards).


Zach, Frog God Games