Back to (Old) School Sale 2023!

Back to (Old) School Sale 2023!

Happy September, everyone! Whether you're in the south, the Great White North (eh?), or somewhere else altogether, it's back to school time! πŸ“šβœπŸ“œ

When we talk about schools in the world of RPGs, it's a whole 'nother kettle of fish. 🐟

To celebrate this exciting time of year for players, we are thrilled to present Frog God Games'
"Back to School Sale" throughout the entire month of September! Select products will be on sale from now until September 30th (see the entire list below!).

Necromancer Games πŸ’€βš° embraced the "old school" vibe with their slogan, "Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel." Even twenty years later, Frog God Games and Necromancer keep that spirit alive by offering adventures, settings, and supplements that capture the nostalgic feel of roleplaying games from the 1970s and 1980s.

That's why, for us, "Back to School" has a triple meaning. Not only do we mean old-school games or that the kids are back in school, but many gamers also resume their campaigns around this time, gathering together (either in person or online) with their fellow players more easily.

Happy shopping πŸ›’, and happy gaming 🎲!

Frog God Games 🐸

P.S. Please note that this sale is PDF-only as many of the Frogs are away from the lily pond. Coincidentally, we figure this will help students (and game masters) whose arms will already be cramped or worn out from hefting all of their books.

P.P.S. Be sure to stop by for 50% off sales on both Frog God Games and Necromancer Games products.

P.P.P.S. Finally, our Raslam Asylum Indiegogo campaign will be launching soon.Β Sign up todayΒ to be notified when this goes live!

Select Products on Sale at at 50% off:

  • 1975 / MCMLXXV (2020)
  • Aberrations
  • Adventures in the Borderland Provinces
  • Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia
  • Bard's Gate (2006)
  • Bard's Gate (2016)
  • Bard's Gate: High-Resolution City Map
  • Bard's Gate: Player's Guide
  • Bard's Gate: The Riot Act
  • Borderland Provinces
  • Borderland Provinces Map
  • Borderland Provinces Players Gazetteer
  • Borderland Provinces Players Guide
  • Borderland Provinces: Journey Generator
  • Cat's Cradle
  • Cat's Cradle and Eye of Itral Player Maps
  • City of Brass
  • City of Brass (2007)
  • City of Brass Map Pack
  • Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms
  • Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms: Player's Guide
  • Death Ship of the Roach Princess
  • Deities of the Lost Lands: Volume 1 - Gods of the Empires
  • Demons and Devils
  • Eldritch Sorcery
  • Eye of Itral
  • Fifth Edition Foes
  • Fortune Hunters
  • Gulf of Akados Region Map
  • Hex Crawl Chronicles
  • Horrors Unbound: Black Orc
  • Horrors Unbound: Stank Hog
  • Instant Encounters Volume Five
  • Instant Encounters Volume Four
  • Instant Encounters Volume One
  • Instant Encounters Volume Three
  • Instant Encounters Volume Two
  • Lost Lore: Divine Hunters
  • Lost Lore: Ecology of the Basilisk
  • Lost Lore: Ecology of the Troll
  • Lost Lore: Eminent Domains
  • Lost Lore: Horses of the Wild
  • Lost Lore: Justicar of Muir
  • Lost Lore: Schools of Thought
  • Lost Lore: Staff of the Waters
  • Lost Lore: Supernal Dragon Dojo
  • Lost Lore: The Headhunter
  • Lost Lore: The Portalist
  • Lost Lore: Town of Glory
  • NLS5: The Hidden Huscarl 2015
  • Perilous Vistas: Dunes of Desolation
  • Perilous Vistas: Fields of Blood
  • Perilous Vistas: Marshes of Malice
  • Perilous Vistas: Mountains of Madness
  • Quests of Doom
  • Rappan Athuk: Bestiary (2012)
  • Sinnar Coast Region Map
  • Stoneheart Valley
  • Sword of Air
  • Sword of Air: The Tower of Bells
  • Tavern Maps, Vol. 1 Map Pack
  • Tegel Manor: Bestiary
  • Tehuatl Bestiary
  • The Bonegarden
  • The Book of Taverns
  • The Book of Taverns: Volume One
  • The Book of Taverns: Volume Three
  • The Book of Taverns: Volume Two
  • The Fiend of Turlin's Well
  • The Lost City of Barakus (2014)
  • The Lost Lands: World Map (2020)
  • The Mother of All Encounter Tables
  • The Mother of All Treasure Tables
  • The Tome of Horrors Complete
  • The World of the Lost Lands
  • The World of the Lost Lands Map Folio
  • The World of The Lost Lands Rules Addendum
  • ToH 2020 Instant Encounters: Killer Frogs
  • Tokens of Horror
  • Tome of Blighted Horrors
  • Tome of Horrors
  • Tome of Horrors 2020
  • Tome of Horrors 2020 Cards Deck ONE
  • Tome of Horrors 2020 Cards Deck THREE
  • Tome of Horrors 2020 Cards Deck TWO
  • Tome of Horrors 4
  • Tome of Horrors 5th Edition
  • Tome of Horrors II
  • Tome of Horrors III
  • Tome of Horrors Revised Edition
  • Vampires and Liches
  • Virtual Tokens of Horror 2020
  • VTT Map Pack: 1975
  • VTT Map Pack: Book of Taverns Vol. 1
  • VTT Map Pack: Book of Taverns Vol. 2
  • Waypoints
  • Waypoints: Bazaar
  • Waypoints: General Store
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